A (Short) Introduction

(I had posted this earlier, but I guess it decided to delete itself).
I was never really one to stir things up by any means, and I’m still not quite, but now I have more adamant beliefs concerning humanity, race, and feminism. I’ve started thinking about the three a lot lately and it got to the point where I thought to myself: “Well, why not blog about it?” Lots of people do it and my voice is no less valid. And thus the blog was born. I created it so that I have a place to talk when I’m going on mental rants that I don’t want to flood my Facebook with (though I don’t think I’m doing too well at that). I’ll probably focus mainly on race, but it really just depends on my mood and with whom I’ve been arguing (if it’s Josiah you can expect a talk about feminism). I’ll try to post once a week at least, but if something especially infuriating/moving happens I may post more than once. Again it all depends. Anyway, I will see you later and I hope you enjoy.


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